The Answer To Your Loose Skin!

I’ve had so many worried postpartum women inquire about the loose, wrinkled and saggy skin around their stomach which is only normal after childbirth. Usually during pregnancy, the belly swells beyond the elastic limit of the skin causing it to break. After childbirth and post-baby weight loss, the skin becomes unable to retract back to its original form except in individuals with sufficient amount of Collagen.


This is a form of protein usually found in bones, muscles, and tissues of organs. Collagen inclusive of elastin and keratin help build skin strength, elasticity and structure.

My point exactly…

For your skin not to have returned back to its pre-baby texture, the amount of Collagen present in the tissues of your skin is not sufficient and has to be stimulated for more production.

Your collagen supplements have been found to have little or no effect on your collagen production as it’s usually either rubbed off because it contains large molecules that cannot be absorbed by the skin (moisturisers) or broken down to amino acids (oral doses), in either case the effects are negligible.

The Answer

The one way to boost your Collagen production is through the consumption of foods rich in antioxidant lycopene, vitamin A & C, glucosinolates amongst others.

Once these foods are in proportional supply, your risk of inflammation and natural collagen production interference will be minimal, causing the healing process to take place.

With the help of a nutrition consultant, I’ve been able to draw out a month’s meal plan that includes affordable and accessible foods that has all the sources of Collagen stimulants and this plan also works if you are still on your post-baby weight loss journey.

My Meal Plan

The meal plan cost a small token of N5,000 considering the researches and effort put into it inclusive of the consultant’s fee.

All you need to do is inbox me your age, weight and height also include how much kg you intend to drop at the end on a month (if you are interested in losing weight) and send a copy of your N5,000 (cost of the meal plan) payment receipt and your personalised meal plan will be sent to you within 24hrs.

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