Start on the right foot with this timesaver breakfast

In this fast paced world, you have a million reasons to skip breakfast and they could mostly pass as genuine. However, there is one all important reason for reserving that extra 5 minutes for breakfast — YOUR HEALTH.

Eating breakfast has great health benefits. It can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

In relation to exercise, It’s also improves endurance exercise performance. It could be the deference between a great workout and a terrible one filled with sluggishness, tiredness and fatigue, not to mention dizzy spells.

Breakfast also restores glucose levels, an essential carbohydrate needed for the brain to function. Many studies have shown that eating breakfast can improve memory function and concentration levels. It can even improve your mood and make you happier and less aggressive. In others words eating breakfast can prevent you from getting fired (*winks*).

Try out this easy to prepare, time-saving breakfast recipe. You’d be sure to like it!*

  • Weetabix (1 or 2 biscuits) – 83 or 166kcal
  • Banana (1 medium) – 110kcal
  • Peanut butter (1 tbspn) –  95kcal
  • Strawberry ( 2 medium) – 8kcal
  • Organic Soy milk plain (1 cup) – 100kcal
  • total calories – 392 or 475kcal

Good thing is, it doesn’t require any particular order. Just mix contents in a cereal bowl and go on and eat.

* this breakfast recipe is great for weight-loss.

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