Getting Over Your Muscle Building Fear 

It’s been one argument or essay or another when trying to convince a lady about going through with a resistance (fancy word for weight training) training program. The worry in their eyes and the concerns on their faces, not to talk of the perplexity of their tone when they try to tell you that they don’t want to look as muscular as a man or when they say they have the tendency to appear quite muscular from trainings. 

No jokes, we all have our fears, but still we all have our eyes fixed on that sexy-toned and shapy goal. The muscle plays a very crucial role in our day-to-day existence, it provides support to our skeletal framework,  aids movement, protects vital organs, among others. If these muscles are not developed from activities, they atrophy and lose their contractile power(ability to contract) overtime; but these cannot be sustained from continuous high reps of bodyweight training alone and will not get you your “big butt” or “big anything” goals, but will put you at risk of overuse injury. 

Apart from the fact that resistance training helps to sustain muscle integrity, since we naturally lose about 0.5lbs of muscle per year which means in the next 20 years we will have lost 10lbs of muscles; the importance of resistance training for muscle building and development cannot be over-emphasized as it increases muscles-fibre size and contractile force to stimulate force production which is essential for our daily or emergency energy requirements.

Getting over your muscle-fear is quite important, and this is why;

Low Testosterone Production – Testosterone is a sex hormone produced mainly by men. It is responsible for sex drive and largely affects muscle and bone mass/development. In women, the amount of testosterone hormone produced is very low (about 30 to 95ng/dL in women as opposed to 300 to 1,200ng/dL in men).  Except in rare cases of high testosterone production, a lady has little tendency to become muscular as a man. Don’t get me wrong, there are many  women out there that look as built as any male bodybuilder but surely not from natural occurrence (resistance training). For them to achieve that size, they have to stimulate an increase in their testosterone production or consume supplements that foster such increase.

Your Chance to Sculpt your Dream Body – As a female, if your testosterone production is naturally on the high side (signs are facial hair, coarse hair growth around chest, armpit, chin, etc..), no worries, you can guide your body through your program because the more your testosterone production the faster your goals are reached (if you know how to channel the energy of course). First, work on achieving that goal of increasing your muscle size in the areas you crave through hypertrophy trainings(70-80% of your 1RM, 8-12 reps, 2-5sets), then work your way to maintaining it using endurance training (60-70% of your 1RM, 15+ reps, 2-3sets — fancy numbers for relatively lighter weights and more repetitions). Fitness gives you the freedom to sculpt your body as you desire. Take yourself as an art piece and get to work.

Key To Your Goals – There is no denying the endless list of ladies’ goals which is founded on the desire to have lean arm muscles (tone up), increase their glutes and hip size (bigger butt), build lean abdominal muscles (flat tummy) and so on. But these goals will remain a fantasy except been acted upon. Yes, you can get a flat tummy with bodyweight exercises but you can’t get that nicely cut-n-toned abs or rounded glutes or shapy hips if you don’t include resistance to your training regimen. There is limit to what you can achieve doing a high repetition bodyweight program. You also expose your joints to overuse injuries doing so.

For your glute (butt) or any other muscles to grow in size you must provide enough resistance. Your muscles after overcoming or failing to overcome this resistance sustain small damages called microtraumas which when healed, develops stronger, bigger muscles, and this cannot be achieved by bodyweight exercising. 

You’ll only look as strong and hot as you train, so let go of your fears and train harder! 

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